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7/25/2015 7:44:43 AM
Greetings, Currently, morning of July 25, our WarpPortal forums are unavailable while we perform much needed updates to the backend software. We will endeavor to have the forums available as soon as possible. Thank you, WarpPortal Team
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6/18/2015 10:03:58 AM
WarpPortal is happy to announce that we will have a new payment option available through Xsolla. You’ll now be able to power up using numerous local payment options from all around the world! Log in and power up with Xsolla today!  
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Ultimatepay will no longer be available   6/11/2015 12:46:05 PM
6/11/2015 12:46:05 PM
Playspan had previously announce that the Ultimatepay service will be fully discontinued as of tomorrow, June 11th, 2015. If you had unspent UltimatePoints, please check out the FAQ on Playspan’s site for information. We will be implementing another similar service in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates!
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